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Group Therapy & An Evening with the Bard — Virtual Theatrical Bundle

insert_invitation Sun, Nov 21, 2021 12:00 AM (CST)
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A nine-months pregnant Mary, mother of baby Jesus, has excitedly launched her first-ever International Group Therapy Marriage Intensive weekend, which she’s cutely coined “IG-TMI!” She is all bells and ready to facilitate healing among the most challenging of marriages. Partnered with her wacky, defiant, and begrudged assistant Joseph, who is also her fiance. Joseph couldn’t care less about Mary’s marriage-saving ventures as he’s determined to use this weekend to get an answer once and for all about who exactly is the Father of Mary’s baby?! ​Journey with this epically zany cast of Biblical couples for a modern-day look at how these historical foundational relationships compare to today’s code of relationship standards, requirements, deal-breakers, soul-searching, and God’s order. Bellies will laugh, tears may flow but which of these marriages will weather the storm? Take advantage of this play and use the virtual pass to gain access to a second FTC show: An Evening with the Bard, a theatrical staging of the poetic works of Dr. Maya Angelou!

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