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TEAM-BMG Dispatching & Brokering
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  • Dispatching & Brokering Basics

    Catrece Smith
  • This is an instructor-facilitated course. Full-Term courses have 4-Weeks and 15 Modules. We will be discussing 4 modules per week.  Please note that all modules prior to the weekend must be completed before the starting of the next week.


    Instructor Introduction

    Hello all!


    My name is Catrece, and I am the CEO and founder of Team-BMG Logistics.

    I started working with nonprofit agencies at a young age and I have expanded my knowledge and skillset in depth toward for-profit businesses as well. My goal is to share my knowledge with those who have a passion to learn the ins and outs of different industries of business and who are willing to put in the work to make their dreams a reality.

  • Each student must understand and agree to the following course registration guidelines and requirements:

    Communication with the Instructor
    It is important to remember that while the Internet is available 24 hours a day, your instructor may not be. You can expect that your instructor will respond to e-mail message to you within 1 to 2 business days during the week and may not be available to respond on weekends.

    Other Assistance
    ASSISTANCE                                                                EMAIL

    ENROLLMENT QUESTIONS catrece@busmodelgroup.org



    Part 1: Course Information

     Course Overview
    Welcome to the TEAM-BMG Dispatching & Brokering course


    Cargo transportation is the backbone of every economy, so the importance of truck dispatchers increases many folds because they are the persons who drive this critical business and are responsible for many things in this industry. It is a lucrative profession with lots of possibilities and pros. It provides a steady income, and the driver can also fulfill his lust to drive the truck and see the whole country while he is doing his work. But this profession can also become a headache if you do not have any proper training. Due to your lack of knowledge, you will not find much work because you are not a professional, and it can become dull and a brainer for you.


    So to solve this problem, Team BMG has come up with a truck Dispatching & Brokering covering all the essential corners of this profession. In this course, you will learn from the basics of Dispatching & Brokering to the technical knowledge you need to start and grow as a dispatcher. No matter, you are a new person in this field who wants to kick start his Dispatching & Brokering career or a person with few years of experience, this course will add new things to your Dispatching & Brokering knowledge and will help you to shine as a dispatcher.

    Course Prerequisites
    No Prerequisites

     Who is the course for?

    ·        Anyone, who would like to study Dispatching & Brokering

    ·        Anyone who wants to learn a new profession

    ·        Anyone who wants to start their own business

    ·        Anyone who wants to open their own transport company and not go bankrupt

    ·        A driver who wants to be an independent dispatcher

    ·        A driver who wants to become a dispatcher.


    Hour and Commitment

    This course is broken down into 15 modules and 4 weeks and final exam at the end. Therefore, it is projected that you will spend approximately 20 hours total on this course. This course has 4 weeks of continuous lessons and roughly a 4-hour commitment per week. Each week represents two module. It is recommended that you budget 2 hours for completing an individual module. Once you have completed your Pre-enrollment form and made your payment of $450, you will receive a email with the course link and a Code to access the class. 

     How to succeed in this course
    We recommend taking this course in a quiet place with no distractions. For earning a certification of completion, you must pass the final examination with at-least average 80% marks.


    Part 2: Course Methods and Delivery

     Methods of Instruction
    Methods of instruction include lesson/module, with Zoom Q&A call with instructor ever Wednesday & Friday from 6pm-8pm. Guest speaker on each zoom with expertise in credit, insurance, freight authority permits, accounting, taxes, and small business loans. Interactions with the instructor will be throughout class, emails or calls.


     Why Freight Brokering?


    Below are some advantages of choosing a career as a Freight Broker:

    > You are your own boss

    > No dependency on others for success and security

    > Make money for YOURSELF rather than making it for someone else

    > Keep your own hours

    > Live and work anywhere you want

    > Make your own decisions

    > Work while traveling (beach, visiting relatives)

    > Transportation is a 600-billion-dollar business that is necessary in any economy

    > Shipping companies can outsource to brokers cheaper than hiring and maintaining their own staff (in-house brokers)

    > More shippers are going with 100% third party brokers every day

    > There are well over 1 million shippers in the United States

    > Unlimited income potential

    Your Schedule
    You will have access to online lessons, course materials and resources. This course is instructor facilitated course but with four specific weeks and 15 modules.

    Course/Technical Requirements
    ·        Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable).


    Course open: 01/24/2022

    Course lockout:03/01/2022

     ***There are only 30 slot open for this class***

    ***Next class is April 11, 2022***

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You will receive a separate email with your coupon code
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